Relational Coaching

Kimberly’s passion is to help others overcome obstacles in their lives through a relationship with God, growing in self-awareness, and learning healthy relational and communicative tools. There are seasons in life where space is needed to heal and grow in new ways. One way Kimberly hopes to offer this space is through relational coaching sessions. *Please note, Kimberly is not a licensed professional counselor. 

Individual Sessions (In Office or Online):

During individual sessions, Kimberly provides support in the following areas:

  • Relational Struggles
  • Self-Awareness
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Identity in Christ
  • Stress Management
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Self-care

$68 / 55-minute session

Family / Couple / Friend Sessions (In Office):

During these sessions, Kimberly seeks to bring clarity and hope to relationships by providing support to adults utilizing interactive practice in the following relational areas:

  • Discovering Relational Needs
  • Practice in Meeting Each Others’ Needs
  • Exploring Unproductive Relational Responses 
  • Boundary Setting
  • Tools for Conversations around Conflict
$80 / 90-minute session